5 Best Bozeman Winter Activities
Winter in Bozeman


Here is where it snows for almost 10 months of the year. For this reason, Bozeman has been dubbed a winter paradise, even though we can’t control the landscape. From the expansive views of the Gallatin Valley and beyond, we have mountains, lakes, coffee shops, concert venues, and more! Though the winter can be cold, dark, and the roads can be horrible; we all love the snow. We are Montanans and it’s just the little price we pay to live in this beautiful place. 

There are endless opportunities to make the best of Winter. In Bozeman especially, there are hundreds of wonderful activities to take part in during the cold months, but if you aren’t a fan of the cold, this blog might be tough to read. Get ready, bundle up, and get ready to get outside!

Bridger Bowl Ski Area on a Powder Day

If you were born in Bozeman, chances are you were born with a pair of skis already strapped to your feet. From Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, and Cross-Country Skiing, the Nordic sport has positioned itself nicely in this beautiful Montana Ski Town. Winter is possibly the best time to visit Montana. Winter in Bozeman is a magical time with Bridger Bowl Ski Area turning its lifts up in the Bridger Mountain Range, bringing in many visitors from across the west along with all the college students looking for some mid-day turns before class. Bridger Bowl has a wonderful base area with many beginner runs for any skill level, as well as world-class access for even the best of skiers and snowboarders. About an hour south of town, Big Sky Resort brings in visitors from all over the world. With amazing places to stay, eat, and relax with the family, Big Sky is a wonderful getaway option for an even better ski vacation. There are Cross-Country trails all throughout Bozeman and even more located just a few minutes out of town. Nordic skiing is a main attraction for skiers and athletes alike, and there are many races that take place in town each season as well! We have wonderful rental shops as well including Bob Wards and Chalet Sports, making Bozeman an all-in-one ski town.

A Young Child Sledding 

If skiing isn’t your forte or you would rather see the kids become daredevils, fall on the good ol’ sledding trip. Pete’s Hill is a spectacular place to get some speed and have fun. This hill overlooks the entirety of Bozeman and the valley beyond. With many benches positioned throughout the park, there are perfect places to watch the kids while staying comfortable; all while you are able to take in the spectacular views. Depending on the time of year, after a fresh snowfall you can ski alongside your sledding kids because of course, Bozeman gets some of the best snow in the north! Sledding is one of those activities that create some of the best memories for children. I remember my days of walking over to the local hill, just to show who could be the fastest of the group. Sleds are easy to find as well. Walmart is always a go-to but our local thrift stores tend to have many sleds in their inventory if you need a cheap and quick way to grab a sled. Make some memories and head out to any of Bozeman’s gradual slopes.

Ice Skating
Skating at the Local Rink

Ice Skating is ALWAYS a go to. Whether you’re looking for a fun and memorable date idea, or a great way to get the family out for a fun afternoon or evening, Bozeman has a few ice-rinks to choose from. Outdoor Ice-Skating options include Beall Park, Southside Park, & Bogert Park. Given, these parks are subject to the weather and will not be open during warm weather due to ice melt. The best indoor place to skate is at Haynes Pavilion during their public skating times. You don’t need to be an olympic skater and rentals are available at the Pavillion or at the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association. Whether you want to spend the day outside or indoors, this is a wonderful activity to do as a couple or even with the family!

Ice Fishing
A Freshly Re-Frozen Hole from Ice Fishing

Bring the 6-pack, the coats, the long-johns, and of course the auger and head to the hills! Hyalite Reservoir brings in many Ice-fishers throughout the winter. With breathtaking surroundings and a stunning view of Mount Blackmore, this is a perfect place to take on the fish and ice. The best part about ice fishing is you’ll have a natural fridge next to you the whole time, it’s winter after all! With many fishing/outfitter shops in Bozeman, you are guaranteed to find all the equipment to make your trip amazing. 

Snowshoeing with the Dog in the Woods

Luckily, snowshoeing in the area takes minimal planning. Many outdoor shops such as Bob Wards on 19th and Round House Sports Center on Main are standing by to get you the gear you need to hit the trails! There are hundreds of stunning trails in the hills that surround Bozeman. Whether you head to Hyalite Canyon, Sypes Canyon, Gallatin, and beyond, there are plenty of trails to choose from, ranging in length and difficulty. There are plenty of trails that are either more populated or some that are quiet enough to make you feel alone. Be sure to check the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for specific information on trails and to find an expansive list of available trails in the area! 

Bozeman is one of the best places to stay for Winter. If you can brave the cold, you will be rewarded with amazing views and memories that will last forever! When you need to get back in the warm, be sure to stop by any of our stores and grab a cup of coffee to warm up! See you soon!

Written by Chris Wood

Images Courtesy of chriswoodcreative.com and Unsplash

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