5 Best Gifts Under $20

Shopping for gifts is never the easiest task, but that's why we are here to help! With hundreds of items to choose from, you can be sure to find something perfect at  Montana Gift Corral. Here are a few gifts under $20 that are perfect, without breaking the bank! This was a tough feat, and if this list isn't enough, be sure to check out www.giftcorral.com to find Montana Made Gifts, Art, Souvenirs, and more! 

Band of Color Mountain Tree Shirt by Prairie Mountain


First up is a wonderful long-sleeve Tee-Shirt, perfect for representing our favorite state! Yes, we are a little bias on that, but since Montana is our home, we have to represent it in style. With mountainous earth tones and 80's retro mountain styles, this shirt is perfect for kickin' back or casually hitting the town! Support the wild mountains in comfort with Big Sky Country pressed right near your heart; right where it's supposed to be. As we look up to the beautiful Montana mountain ranges and rivers that are located right out from our office door, we are always able to sport a smile and take it all in. Get that feeling, all in a shirt. It's that simple!

Amber Growler by SK Designs


Montana knows how to do beer, we may not have as many micro-breweries as other states do, but for the amount of people we have, we have just as many amazing beers to offer. Store your favorite beer the right way, and fill up a growler with Montana pride. Up in the 406, we have local beer, and some of the best beer state-wide and beyond from KettleHouse Brewing Co. and Big Sky Brewing. Pick up a growler of this caliber today, and remember, its under $20! Hey, you might even get creative and be able to start brewing your own beer, so let us help you out! 

Beef Heart Dog Treats by Blue Dog Provisions


This next item is one for the furry little friend. We love our dogs unconditionally, so show it with some of the best treats out there! Made locally in Montana, these Offal Dog Treats our tasty, but also all natural! Leave behind the preservatives and additives and give your dog only the best stuff there is. The only issue is that your dog may never go back to any other treat! We offer a good selection of healthy dog products from Blue Dog Provisions so check them out! 

Montana Single Coaster by Lantern Press


How do you mix art with functionality? How do you eliminate extra cleaning with art? Montana Coasters! Keep your table tops and wood surfaces clean with quality coasters made out of Sandstone. Sometimes we get lost in some of these pieces of artwork. Many of these scenes are inspired from the Greater Yellowstone area, which is luckily our backyard. With cork bottoms, they won't scratch when moved or weighted down, and make for easy cleaning! We offer over 6 different designs, all with Montana picturesque scenes that are sure to please anyone with a drink. 

Montana Mountains Cribbage Board


Games are what bring people together, and friendly competition is in each and every one of us, well most of us. This Montana Mountains Cribbage Board is the perfect mix of fun and art. An intricately engraved Montana scene may be so pretty it will distract you from the game itself. Gather up a partner and get ready for a match. Pack it away or keep it at home, this beautiful piece can go anywhere. Gift it or keep it for your own, just remember to keep up the sportsmanship!


We are standing by online and at any of our stores in Bozeman, Montana. If you don't know what to get for a gift, feel free to reach out to our live chat online or stop by any of our stores and any of our friendly associates would be more than happy to help you find the perfect gift for anyone! Happy gifting!


Written By: Chris Wood




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