5 Montana Makers We Carry Not from Montana

We’re so lucky to live in Montana with so many talented makers, creators, and artisans. We have a lot of love for our Montana made goods. Near and far, with Montana being such a big state, you’ll definitely find some pretty unique gifts, but above all it’s about the passion and heart that goes into making them. We always love our Bozeman vendors, but we what to highlight some of our favorites from other parts of the state, too. So, read about some unique Montana makers we carry who don’t live in Bozeman.

Mountain Brook Studios

Mountain Brook Studios Pottery

 Image Courtesy of Pinterest


This pottery is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, the photos we take of it never do it justice, but the colors are so rich and vibrant. Mountain Brook Studios is located in Kalispell, Montana and is the labor of love of Tom and Marcie Briney. Whether you’re looking for functional pieces or just beautiful art, they make both. They are most inspired by the naturally beautiful outdoor landscapes of Montana, often incorporating elements like huckleberries and wheat into their work. If the pieces are used for food or drink, they are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. This is one of our absolute favorite Montana-made pottery lines and you’re sure to know you’re getting something really special if you purchase one of these pieces.

Boondocks Candle Company

Boondocks Candle Company

 Image Courtesy of Boondocks Candle Company


We often hear from people who visit or move away from Montana but want something that captures the essence of Big Sky Country. In my opinion, there’s nothing more powerful than the scent of a place you love, and Boondocks Candle Company is able to capture the wonderful smells of some of our favorite southwest Montana places. Made in Ennis, Montana, all of these candles are hand-poured using soy wax. In addition, the outsides of the jars are their own work of art, each hand painted by the awesome team at Boondocks. I love that because even when the candle isn’t lit, it’s still so pretty to look at. With scents named after places like Fairy Lake, Jack Creek, and cherries from the Flathead Valley, these Montana candles offer the perfect nostalgia! 

Windrift Hill Goats Milk Bath & Body Products

Windrift Hill Goat's Milk Lotion
Image Courtesy of Windrift Hill


Dry skin is no joke in Montana. Our low humidity can wreak havoc on skin, just ask my cuticles. So, when we find a line of lotions that works, we are loyal to it. Who better to nourish skin than someone from Montana, with a true understanding of dry, cracked skin? Deena Maier was an occupational therapist who saw first hand how difficult the struggle to find a clean, non-greasy, moisturizing lotion was for her patients. Some digging led her to the benefits of goat’s milk and today her family runs their own business out of Conrad, Montana where their Nubian goats live and where they make all their own lotions, soaps, salt soaks, and more. It’s a pretty cool setup! 

Daphne Lorna Jewelry

Montana made jewelry by Daphne Lorna

Image Courtesy of Daphne Lorna


I love this Montana jewelry line because it’s simple, elegant, and just oozes Montana love. I’m a big silver wearer, but the nice thing about Daphne Lorna is their items also come in antiqued bronze that’s actually executed by hand. The creation of two sisters, they originally grew up in Canada and because their mother was a bead collector, they were both into jewelry making at an extremely young age. While Cindy lives in Atlanta and collaborates on style and design with her sister Daphne, it is Daphne who makes these gorgeous pieces in Bonner, Montana. From earrings to necklaces to pretty leather cuffs, there’s a little bit of something for everyone and a whole lot of Montana to fall in love with in their creations.

Cowboy Collectibles

Montana horse hair jewelry by Cowboy Collectibles

Image Courtesy of Cowboy Collectibles


Aptly located in Hungry Horse, Montana, Cowboy Collectibles offers unique handmade jewelry and accessories crafted from real horse hair. That’s right, real horse hair. When horses come to the pasture-only days, their hair is collected and then turned into these unique pieces. Who does the creating is also a neat part of this business. The hair is turned over to families in rural Montana areas who weave and bead the unique items you see today. Laura Plain is the founder of Cowboy Collectibles who gets her inspiration from the American West and Montana’s beautiful outdoor spaces. You also know you’re getting an extremely original product because no two pieces every look alike due to the hand-crafted nature of their creation. It really is a great way to celebrate Montana and our horse culture from anything like a hat band to barrettes to bracelets!

Montana is rich in so many resources and visual splendors. To me, though, her great resource is the fine people and creators we are so proud to carry at Montana Gift Corral.

Written by: Cassi Miller

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