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Best Dog Friendly Activities

Hello blog, I am dog! I like long walks on the beach, long walks on streets, long walks on the trails, long walks on the snow, long walks in the rain, long walks in the sun. If you throw ball, I will go get ball. I don’t know why we have to shake hands before I get a treat, but it’s fine. I like snoozes and cuddles and pets and hugs and waking you up with wet nose. If you want to know some more about my favorite things and bestest long walks for the Montana pup scroll down with your magic hairless paws.


On Leash Fun


Never Walk Alone


I know you think I’m super cute when you’re holding onto my leash and we’re walking and I turn around and I smile at you with my tongue out. I think you’re super cute too, that’s why I turned around, you dopey biped. For some reason they put the signs at the park and trailhead too high up for me to read but not too high up for you to read even though the information on the too high up sign is pertinent to my activities in the park or on the trail. It’s important for us to know when I need to have you on the leash, maybe it’s because we’re in a busy place and could get separated, maybe you need my help to pull you up the mountain, or maybe it’s because there are lots of small people with sticky hands that will make my hair icky and neither of us wants me to have sticky hair unless, of course, I have made a stylistic choice to be sticky with mud or sap or that stuff you find that smells really nice and must be rolled in. My favorite leash-time walks around town are the Sourdough Trail, Gallagator Trail, Story Hills, and Highland Glen Nature Preserve.

Off Leash Adventure

Dog on Trail

Photo Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust Facebook Page

If you love me, let me go...off leash at approved areas like the Snowhill Recreation Area and the Bozeman Pond Park. After a long day of deciding whether your bed, my bed, the couch, or the loveseat is the best spot for doggy dreams, a hike up Peets Hill is a great place to catch the sunset. I love the grey and darker grey and all the other shades of grey you can see from up there. I get to see some of my favorite pups and people enjoying the evening. Another great spot for zoomies in town is Cooper Park, they’ve got it all, water, picnic tables, and just about all the smells. They even have doggie stations with those funny green bags you use to pick up what you think is my “business.” It’s actually my poop. But thank you for picking it up. If you think it’s a bummer when you step in it with shoes on your feet, just think how lame it is for me to step in it. This park is also pretty ideal for the chuck-it. Use the chuck-it, I know you think you’ve still got it, but I don’t want you to throw out your shoulder (and I really don’t want you to stop throwing ball). If you bring some of my tasty snacks from blue dog provisions, you won’t have to worry about me going to far away when I’m off-leash. Is that blackmail? Yes. Yes, it is.

Dog Dates

Sweet Peaks

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peaks Ice Cream Facebook Page

You know my absolute most favorite place to be? With you. Anywhere. Downtown Bozeman has all sorts of fun stores and restaurants I think you’d really like. I think you’ll especially like places with outdoor seating: we can have breakfast at Nova Cafe or the Cateye Cafe--I know, I know, but it is dog friendly and the patio is primo--lunch at Montana Fish Company, and dinner at Plonk or Ted’s. If I give the waiter the look, they’ll probably get me a water bowl without you having to ask. Maybe after dinner I could take you to Sweet Peaks for some ice cream! They have doggie ice cream and even doggie pops if you have a lactose sensitive tummy. As it gets a little chillier we can head to places like Dry Hills Distillery that are totally cool with me hanging out inside or Lockhorn Cider right by the fireplace.

Blue Dog Provisions

When we’re downtown make sure we stop into Montana Gift Corral to see my favorite humans that always have water and treats and pets and snuggles for me. If you have to go somewhere else, you could just leave me there and they’ll take care of me and love me forever. I mean, yeah, I want you to come back, but, gosh, they really love dogs. Goodbye blog!


Written by: Stephen McNeal

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