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Build the Perfect Back to School Outfit with Montana Clothes

This year, school supply shopping might be a little different. I remember bringing home a list to my parents that usually asked for what seemed like an ungodly amount of cleaning supplies, packs of chalk, dry-erase markers, and pencils of course. This year is a bit more simple... where kids might be sitting in school or learning through the screens they have access to. Whether your learning is mobile or in-person, chances are you'll be needing some new outfits to rock the 2020 school year. 

We do apologize in advance, we DO NOT sell any hazmat suits, but we do encourage you and your child to take extra precautions while heading back to school including wearing a mask, washing your hands, keeping your hands away from your face, and being respectful of others' space. This school year will be different, but that does not mean it has to be boring! 

Those first days of the school year are important. Whether your kid has been with the same friend group for years, or they will be stepping into a new school for the first time, that first day outfit is meant to make you stand out. 

College, High School, Middle School, and Elementary School, each and every day is just as important. From Lakeshirts, Graphic Imprints, Prairie Mountain, and more, we have shirts for everyone!    

Class starts soon, so it's time to hit campus again in style. Montana Gift Corral is a great place to grab all of your Bobcat gear. From shirts to gear for the die-hard fans, to stickers for the college student's vehicle, we are here to serve Montana's best college fans. 

Montana State University Bobcats Montana Tee Shirt at Montana Gift Corral

If your student is new to MSU, old to MSU, a fan of MSU, or a fan of Bobcats, this Tee from Hamilton Group encompasses the simplicity in being a Bobcat fan. We are one team under one state; united in Blue and Gold. 

Montana State University Bobcat Love Tee Shirt at Montana Gift Corral

In Bozeman, a sure way to stand out among your classmates is to show your true MSU pride with one of the most stylish college tee's out there! 

 High School is a time to begin finding your identity. High School faces students with some of their most challenging decisions they've had to make so far. Discovering friend groups, what they want to study, what sports they want to play, you name it, High School will present you with that challenge. 

Geometric Montana Tee Shirt at Montana Gift Corral

Supporting local companies while maintaining style is what it's all about! With the geometric mountain range and the warm sun setting over the river gives this shirt an A+ in representing Montana. 

Green Montana Long Sleeve Tee at Montana Gift Corral

Now parents, I think you can agree that you'll want your kid to wear that special shirt more than once. We stock fashionable shirts that your kid should feel more than obligated to wear more than once. These shirts are comfortable, and stylish to keep up with 2020's fashion standards! 

Our stores in the Bozeman/Belgrade area in Montana are OPEN. We would love to see you and help pick out some new pieces for that 2020-2021 school season wardrobe! 

Check out all of our Montana Clothing and Bags to be ready to go for the classroom or screen! 

Stay safe and healthy out there students and remember, this is only temporary! Make the most out of the school year and look forward to the next.


Written by: Chris Wood

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