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Cozy Drinks for Fall!

Depending on where you're located in the country, your fall might look a little different than what we deal with here in Bozeman, Montana. Within a week, our sandals are replaced with boots as our weather can fluctuate from summer heat to winter snow! As we start our fireplaces in mid-September, our friends in the southern parts of the United States are still kickin' it in their flip flops! As we bring out our snow shovels to endure the next 8 months of snow, our friends in Arizona are dusting off their patio furniture. No matter where you are in the country, one thing is the same; Fall is here and Summer is out the door! In honor of #nationalcoffeeday on this 29th of September and the beginning of fall, we have compiled some of our favorite Fall drinks to keep you cozy as the weather becomes more unpredictable. 

Wild Huckleberry Chai Tea Mix

Whether you're starting your morning off shoveling snow off of the driveway, raking leaves in the front lawn, or commuting in warm LA traffic, a nice cup of Wild Huckleberry Chai Tea will help start your morning off right! With a sweet hint of Huckleberry in your Chai, your tastebuds will explode no matter how warm or cold it may be. Enjoy your drink warm, enjoy your drink cold; Wild Huckleberry Chai Tea is for the bold. 

Wild Mooseberry Tea & Wild Chokecherry Tea

When I think of fall I think of beautiful colors, sweatshirts, and getting my Flu Shot. Since the weather gets colder, our bodies have a few more things to take care of which means there's a higher chance of you getting sick! If you do, we got you covered with some of the tastiest teas available. Brought to you from the beautiful mountains of Montana, Wild Chokecherry and Mooseberry Tea will change your morning, day, or sickness for the better. With a touch of honey, there is a strong possibility this Tea will become your new favorite drink.  

Huckleberry White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

For those who are not as fortunate to have a nice and mild fall, and rather be blessed with snow and wind, this drink is for you! As the weather continues to be not-so-nice out your front door, inside that door can be full of sweetness and smiles thanks to some Montana Huckleberries! This White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix will make your mug feel honored to hold such a drink. Let your tastebuds have a hay-day with one of the best treats from the Treasure State. 

Wild Huckleberry Margarita & Daiquiri Mix 

Hey Coastal California, this drink is for you... and well Kalispell maybe you too. No matter the weather, season, or location, you might be due for a drink. Montana may be known for the normal Beer and Whiskey options, but how about Daiquiris and Margaritas! Mix these up at home, or bring a shooter of mix to your favorite bar. These bottles hold the greatness to make your next drink, the best drink you'll have. Remember, drink responsibly with your Wild Huckleberry Margarita & Daiquiri Mix! 

Morning Glory Coffee

What better way to start your fall morning than with some glory! Morning Glory Coffee is an absolute treat, brought to you directly from the Maddison Valley of Southwestern Montana. A stone's throw from Yellowstone National Park, this coffee is professionally roasted with passion in Ennis, Montana. To say this coffee is good is an understatement, in-fact I personally drink this coffee every morning. I love Morning Glory Coffee and yes, I want you to try some too. Those cold morning commutes to work will be a lot better with a little Buffalo Blend

Stay warm this fall, friends. If you enjoy any of these drinks personally, please feel free to share and tag us @montanagiftcorral on a social media of your choice! Happy fall!


Written by: Chris Wood

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