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Spring and early summer is always an exciting time at Montana Gift Corral because all our brand new products start rolling in! The intrepid web team took it upon themselves to explore store locations and dig into boxes searching for some of their favorites. We hope you like our picks!

Issa’s Pick: Dream Catcher Journal by Quilling Card
Dreamcatcher Journal by Quilling Card

Art is something I have always enjoyed. I love staring at paintings, photographs, and sculptures and wondering what the artist was thinking as they worked. What did they see? Think? Feel? Maybe it's the artist in me that makes me spend so much time gazing at one piece in a gallery much to the chagrin of my companions. I want to memorize every brush stroke, every line, every shape. I love seeing people take mundane things and turn them into something else.

When I first saw the quilling cards I was a little dazzled as cheesy as it sounds. I love the bright colors of the papers. I love imagining the artist, sitting over their work table and carefully picking the right colors, gently coiling each strip until its the right size. I wonder what the thought process is for designing new patterns and deciding what shapes to make. The Dreamcatcher Journal is my absolute favorite because I’m a writer. I horde journals like nothing else and I have to literally resist the physical impulse to buy every single one I find. I have more half-filled journals than actual books, more notebooks and more random sheets of paper than any person should.

The reason I adore the Dreamcatcher Journal more than the others is simple. I have always loved dreamcatchers, I had an endless number of them as a little kid and still have a few now. When I learned they were from the Ojibwe I loved them even more thanks to my ancestry. I also adore the Dreamcatcher Journal more than the others because they haven’t put the adorable image of the orange cat and black cat on a journal yet, but I sincerely hope they do.

Cassi’s Pick: Destination Montana Cutting Board by Totally Bamboo
Destination Montana Cutting Board by Totally Bamboo

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the value of functional gifts. I have a terrible interior design eye, so decor was always a struggle for me. However, I love purchases that can be put to good use. If you’re giving it to someone, it shows that you not only thought about them but also gave them something that might make their daily life just a bit easier. In addition, I fancy myself a somewhat decent cook. (Read: I watch a lot of Gordon Ramsay and Master Chef.) So while I might be making holiday-themed croquembouche any time soon, I can always use good basic utensils for your daily cooking. Yes, I do cook at home, but I’m also sort of lazy and love my dishwasher. Good thing this baby is dishwasher safe!

That’s why I like the Destination Cutting Board from Totally Bamboo! Until I really started looking at this board, I didn’t realize the origin of the company. They started out making set chairs for Hollywood movies and stumbled in bamboo. It was stronger, lighter, and more sustainable than oak. That soon let them to making other housewares out of Bamboo. Neat, huh? It turns out that bamboo is better for the planet and on a smaller scale, your other kitchen utensils. It doesn’t dull knives like plastic cutting boards can.

On top of all this, I’m in love with Montana. Yes, I’m a transplant like so many people who live here now. And while I made my personal migration over 10 years ago, I still want to celebrate the state as much as I did the first day I arrived here and moved into my first apartment. That’s where this awesome cutting board and double as art. Hang it on the wall for a neat map of Montana. Heck, I might even use it as a “to-do” travel list! Ha! Anyway, I’m super excited to bring this cutting board into my home.

Averi’s Pick: Mustard OTG Rolltop Cooler Backpack by Picnic Time

Mustard OTG Roller Top Cooler Backpack by Picnic Time

Okay, so I saw this in the store one day while we were taking display photos and I instantly loved it. I had an upcoming week trip into Yellowstone National Park for some photography, and I knew this backpack would be my best friend there. But then I found it it’s an insulated cooler! Say way? Awesome!

You want to talk features? This baby has features. It can fit up to 42 cans if you leave the top unrolled. It’s water resistant and has lots of outer storage pockets if you’re on an extended adventure somewhere. If there’s one thing we know about trips into YNP, it’s that you can never be too prepared. I thought this would be great for food for each day’s excursions, a little first aid kit, camera accessories, and anything else I might need. Plus, it frees up my hands to always be on the search for wildlife and the perfect picture. I want to have my head on a swivel while photo scouting, but this backpack will let me take everything I need along with me on the journey. Plus, I dig the yellow and teal color combo!

I’m excited to take this backpack on its first journey. I actually bought one at our downtown store, so I’ll have to report back about how it did for me! I love traveling and exploring, so anything that makes the adventure easier and more fun, I’m all about. Montana has a lot of beauty to explore and I’m looking forward to getting out there and enjoying it. Now, with delicious snacks and cold drinks:)


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