Goodies for Christmas Gatherings

Don't worry, we got you covered in this blog. If you need something to bring to the family gathering and you want to impress; look no further. We compiled a few dishes, paired with Montana Gift Corral food products that will wow everyone's tastebuds. To top it all, all products are made locally here in Montana!


Huckleberry S'mores

First on the docket was inspired by the wood burning stove. We were craving s'mores one wintry evening, but there was no way we were going to venture out into the cold to make a fire, so we fired up the wood stove and hit two birds with one stone. We kept warm, and the tastebuds were happy. Huckleberry S'mores are easy to make, and if you don't have a wood burning stove, the oven still works so get creative! This is a very fun snack to make with the kids as well, they're s'mores after all! All you need are Graham Crackers, Marshmallows of choice, and any of our Huckleberry Chocolate products. Our favorite is the Wild Huckleberry Chocolate Bar that has a great creamy taste with a wonderful Huckleberry taste. Roast that marshmallow and put together that tasty goodness of the treat. 


Pork Roast with Huckleberry Jam

Pork Roast is a staple in Christmas Tradition. If pork doesn't suit your palette, Ham, Turkey, or even Prime Rib works as well. Finding your favorite meat recipe may be handed down, or simply from google but that will be your first step. We recommend this Montana-Style Pork Roast recipe to get you started. Follow the steps, but when you're near the end, this is where we'll step in. With 7 minutes before completion, spread some of our Wild Huckleberry Jam on the top of the roast and let heat with the roast. This will fill your mouth with only the best of flavors!


Peppermint Hot-Cocoa

Whether you've had a long day on the ski-slopes, at work, or shopping; relaxing with a warm cup of hot-cocoa is the best way to do Winter! This mix is a hit with all ages. We recommend grabbing only the best cocoa mix there is! In honor of Yellowstone, grab some Yellowstone Cocoa or some of our White Chocolate Huckleberry Cocoa for the drink. Make your cocoa, and be sure to fill the top of the mug with whipped cream. Next step is to crush some candy canes on top and voilà, you have the best dang hot cocoa there is. 


Christmas Campfire Fudge

Make your list and choc it twice, you might find out who's hungry and nice. One of our favorite mixes we sell is for fudge! Whether you share this dish or keep it for a snack, you'll definitely be satisfied. Grab a pouch of the Campfire Fudge Mix, made locally by Montana Bounty Foods. Skip the trip to the candy shoppe and create something better in the kitchen! Make the best desert out of anyone this holiday season and wow your guests with this fudge. 


We offer a plethora of local and useful food products. If you need a few gift ideas, please visit our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide on our website or stop in to any of our stores and our excellent staff would be more than happy to help pick out the perfect gift for anyone on your list! 


Written By: Chris Wood

Images Courtesy of Unsplash

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