Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Someone

    Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you completely forgot about it. And yeah, a lot of people think Valentine’s Day is overrated but how could you pass up on a chance to give a present to your favorite person? Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate finding your best friend, to say thanks to the shoulder you can always lean, a day to show how much you appreciate your someone special. Besides, your significant other’s face is just too cute when they get a gift how could you pass up a chance to see that smile? Late start or not, check out this list of great Valentine’s Day gifts for your special someone!



I Love You Deer-ly

 Antler Jewelry Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Someone

    Jewelry is one of the most common types of gifts you can get your significant other. And it makes sense, humans like to be-dazzle themselves and jewelry comes in a wide range of styles and colors to create a unique look for each individual. But what jewelry to get your wild Montana sweetheart? High Country Designs is a jewelry designer located in the Ruby Valley of Southwest Montana and their jewelry is as Montanan as it gets! From pins to earrings to necklaces every piece of High Country Design Jewelry is made from antlers and wildflowers. The artist, Dixie Schallenberger, carefully slices a thin slice of antler from elk, deer, and moose and then gently presses a hand-picked wildflower onto it before sealing it in place. You can choose from a wide range of wildflowers and designs, making your Valentine’s Day gift as unique as your Valentine!



Our Loves A Flame!

Candle Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Someone 

    Who doesn’t love candles? They come in a wide variety of scents from floral lilac to refreshing citrus to soothing fireside scents, which means there is a scent for everyone! Candles are a sweet and simple gift that can hold a lot of sentiment if done right too. Maybe your boo always talks about his mom’s homemade apple pie. Imagine the smile on his face when he walks into the nostalgic scent of apple-cinnamon. Maybe you’re constantly stopping so she can smell her favorite flowers. Now you’ll get to see her little smile every time she takes a deep breath of her sweet pea candle. Maybe you’re always listening to them ramble on and on about their home state and how much you would have loved it. Watch their eyes mist up and their stories take on new passion as they breathe in the scent of white tea and pomegranate and tell you stories of days at Fairy Lake. Maybe candles are simple and cliche, but the feelings and memories they evoke are the sweetest gift you can give.



You’re a Cut Above the Rest

Pocket Knife Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Someone 

    Most people don’t think of practical or “dangerous” things when they are brainstorming Valentine’s Day gifts. But for some people, those are the exact kinds of gifts you should be thinking of! A pocket knife is a great item to give as a gift for your down-to-earth Valentine this year! Pocket knives can be used for a wide range of things from opening packages that are unnecessarily difficult, to acting as an impromptu screwdriver, to self-defense to starting a fire! Not only can pocket knives be used in a wide variety of circumstances, even more, if you have a creative Valentines, but pocket knives can look as unique as you are! Pocket knives can have skull patterns and be shaped like bullets, or have floral patterns and look like a tube of lipstick. They can be big or small, have a simple design or a complex one, be entirely metal or have a wooden handle. With so many different styles, you’re guaranteed to find a pocket knife that is perfect for your Valentine!



I Think You’re Snack-tastic!

Snack Box Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Someone 

    Everyone loves food. That is an undeniable truth of the universe. Which is lucky for you if you aren’t sure what to get your Valentine this year. Why? Because you can create your Valentine their own personalized snack box! This is a fun, cute, and simple gift that will certainly wow your Valentine! The best way to do it is to get a box. It can be any kind of box too! A simple brown one, a simple one you decorate with things you and your valentine love, or a fancy box you find that shouts “This one! This one!” Any box will do as long as it makes you and your Valentine happy! Then fill it with their favorite snacks! Not sure what that could be? Think back on your days together. Are you constantly swatting your girl's hand away from your fries? Get some salty snacks for her! Does he take giant bites of your ice cream cone when you offer him a lick? I bet he has a sweet tooth! Making your Valentine a snack box is a cute and fun way to show them that you pay attention to the little things and love all of them!



Be My Snuggle Bug?

  Blankets and Snuggles

    I don’t know much about guys, but I know for a fact that girls love blankets. They adore them, I don’t know a single girl who doesn’t have at least five fuzzy blankets. I also don’t know a single girl who wouldn’t jump at the chance to make that six fuzzy blankets. That’s right! A cozy blanket is a perfect gift to give your Valentine this year! If you have an s.o. Who is always cold, always wants to cuddle, or just adores blankets a blanket would be a wonderfully thoughtful gift! Get them a blanket with their favorite color or pattern, or a blanket that will remind them of a place they love, or get them a custom blanket with a design or photograph they love. But an important thing to remember when picking the perfect blanket, get one big enough to snuggle up together under!



You’re a Real Page Turner Valentine!

Book Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Someone 

     If you are in love with a book lover and this is your first Valentine’s Day together, Congrats! Valentine’s Day just got so much easier. The best gift you can give to an avid reader is another book to read. But what book? There are hundreds of books! Don’t worry, finding the perfect book for your valentine will be easier than you think. All you have to do is scan the list of authors they have in their mini-library and then find an author that falls into the same genres as the other ones! Do you see plenty of Jane Austen, George Eliot, Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, and other classic female authors? Why not add to the collection with a novel from one of their favorite authors they don’t have yet or find a new author that they would adore! Elizabeth Gaskell, Georgette Heyer, Fanny Burney, or any of the authors who fall into the Regency Romance category! Finding books your boo will love is easy, simply search for authors similar to the authors they already have. Not only will you get a book your Valentine will love, but they will feel appreciated and special when they see how much you have been paying attention and care!



You’re the Box of My Heart!

Gift Box Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Someone

     At the end of the day, one of the best and safest Valentine’s Day gifts is a gift box! A gift box is a collection of smaller gits, wrapped up in a box and usually centers around a theme. Which is why gift boxes are so much fun! Is his idea of a date snuggling up together on the couch and watching your favorite movies? Make him a movie night gift box! Call up his family if you can and ask them what movies he loved as a kid, get one or two and watch his face light up with wonder and nostalgia. Not only is it cute, unexpected, and touching but you’ll get the chance to see something he loves and become a part of it. Is she constantly running around outside, going for hikes and picking flowers? Make her an adventure gift box! Think about what adventurers need, a compass is a must and so is a map. Maybe get a topographical map of the region you live in, or maybe get her a map of a place she dreamed of going as a child. Making a gift box is a wonderful and fun way to show your Valentine that you pay attention and care, and to make them feel as special as they are!



    Valentine’s Day is a day steeped in mystery, plenty of stories exist that tell us about the origin of the holiday but no one is really sure which one is the right one. But whether Valentine’s Day comes from the death of a wrongly imprisoned saint who fell in love with the jailer’s blind daughter, or from an ancient Roman holiday centered around goat sacrifices and running naked in the streets, it is one of the most popular holidays celebrated today. And today, Valentine’s day is a day dedicated to the person who makes life bearable, who can make you smile on days when you just want to cry, who is always by your side and is there to catch you when you fall. It’s a chance to spoil them and show them how much you appreciate them being there. Valentine’s day is a day to say “I love you” and “thank you” and to give them a big hug and a sweet kiss, but I guess that would mean every day is Valentine’s Day then, huh?


Your Valentine

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