It's New Product Week at Montana Gift Corral!

With relentless snowstorms still laying blankets of white across the Gallatin Valley, its hard to believe that spring is just around the corner.

At Montana Gift Corral, spring is new product season! Here's a sneak peak of some of our favorite new products for 2018! Demdaco, Bearfoots Bears, MOVA Globes and more!

One line we're really excited about are these unique creations by Nova Scotian artist, Sharon Nowlan.


Pebble Art by Sharon Nowlan

The creative process. Photo by Sharon Nowlan.


Each of her art pieces are hand-made using pebbles collected by the artist near her home studio by the sea. 

Sharon Nowlan With You Wall Art by Demdaco

 Sharon Nowlan With You Wall Art by Demdaco


“ I often attempt to capture the wind with my pebbles. The wind in a skirt, in the branches of a tree, the sails of a sailboat, petals falling from a daisy, kites flying high over head, laundry hanging on a line. The wind carries our memories and gently sends us reminders with every breath or mighty blow we feel on our faces.” — Sharon Nowlan


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 Bearfoots Bears by Big Sky Carvers

Big Sky Carvers is pretty much a household name when it comes to bear figurines. This little bear is ready to go with his hefty pack and his little bluebird friend. Let this happy hiker march into your home and add a touch of Montana charm to any mantle, side-table, or guest room in you cozy country cabin.

Bearfoots Bears Walkabout Figurine by Jeff Fleming

Bearfoots Bears Walkabout Figurine by Big Sky Carvers


Started by father-son duo Marc and Eric Pierce, Demdaco boasts 35 years of delivering iconic pieces of the western outdoors to homes around the country. Collaborating with western artists and craftsman since their earliest days, Big Sky Carvers’ products are unique, and produced with an outstanding attention to detail and quality. From sculptures to kitchenware to toys and souvenirs, Big Sky Carvers has got all your western décor needs covered!


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Cassini Celestial MOVA Globe

MOVA globes are powered by natural light, using solar technology to slowly and silently rotate. This works with either natural light or ambient indoor light, so no batteries and wires are required.

Cassini Celestial MOVA Globe


This incredibly unique MOVA design features an actual celestial map created in 1792 by the cartographer Giovanni Maria Cassini. With amazing illustrations of the creatures and figures behind the stories of the constellations, this MOVA globe is ideal for the history, mythology, and astronomy fans across the globe!


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We have tons of new product being added every day! Check out our website to explore!


By Zach Altman


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