Montana-Style Christmas Party
Are you wondering what the best way to combat the cold is this holiday season? Invite everyone over for a comforting evening, surrounding yourself with friends, family, and more! Being up here in Montana means we have no choice other than to get our work done, and get back inside so we don’t end up as an ice-cube (it gets really, really cold here). 

Planning these get-togethers is another job in itself, but we at Montana Gift Corral think we can help you out, and maybe give you a hand or two. We like to think that Christmas is our forte, so with that being said, let's get on with it and get ready to party! 

Before anything gets started, make sure you have a place suitable for a party. If you will be with quieter group, this task might be easy; if you’re going to be with a Montana-style group that likes to have a good time but might be on the wild side, make sure your place can hold such a crowd. Space is something to keep in mind. You don’t want your guests crammed at an event like this. Yes, it’ll be warmer but no, it won’t be comfortable. 

Now, gather people. Think about who you want to spend your night with. Invite as many or as little as you desire, depending on the previous task, and once you get confirmations, that will be when the true party planning begins. 


Party Time


Getting the place all suited up for the holidays is a must. As long as this party is after Thanksgiving, have a ball and go ahead and get those Christmas Lights up and get that tree loaded up inside. Oh, and since we’re experts in Christmas, be sure to check out our giant selection of Christmas Ornaments to deck-out your tree. There are many different ways you can decorate the home for the holidays, and for many helpful hints and crafty tricks, check out our blog Creating a Christmas Setting to become a decorating professional. Also, we have TONS of Norwegian Trolls to decorate the place if you want a good twist on American Christmas. 

Once the place is decorated, it’s time to start thinking about food. No party is a good party without food. Now in our experience, we believe that smaller portions are better, so having snack food available and some fancy hors d’oeuvres is the way to go. This is also a cost-effective way to make multiple dishes for every taste-bud, while making the clean up easier! We recommend heading over to Pinterest for some amazing small-plate recipes, and ultimately make your cooking stand out! 

Now what you and your guests do during the party is completely up to you. Whether you have your own traditions or need inspiration, check out our blog on Unique Christmas Traditions that you may be able to pull inspiration from and put your own little twist on. 


Depending on what you cook, how you decorate, and who you invite; the golden rule of partying is to have a good time. No matter how bad something may be, or if a dish didn't turn out as you expected, step back and remember it's all about company and being together. Do not let anything bring down the mood, and its the season of love and giving! 

Let the partying begin, and if you need help decorating... feel free to talk to our live chat on our website! 


Written By: Chris Wood

Images Courtesy of Unsplash


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