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Montana Gift Corral takes the role of finding vendors that share our vision of quality and care seriously. Working with other companies located in Bozeman, Montana has always been a recipe for happy partnerships. It makes sense to have a mind towards sustainability, efficiency, and adventure when you’re surrounded by high mountains, trout-filled rivers, and evergreen forests. While these vendors have national recognition as some of the best of what they do, we think they deserve to feel some local love, too.

Béquet Confections

Béquet Confections is known for making delicious artisan caramels in a wide variety of flavors from their classic vanilla butter caramel to the smoky boldness of a chipotle infused caramel that finishes with a light jalepeño kick of heat. Beqéut Confections began with founder and owner Robin Béquet creating delicious caramels for her friends and family, simply sharing a passion with those close to her. The telecom crash of 2001 ended Robin’s 25 year career in technology, and, to the delight of caramel enthusiasts, she considered turning her hobby into her livelihood. Always with an eye towards making the best caramel, Robin Béquet conducted a series of blind taste tests placing her recipe against other artisan caramels; after 17 of 18 testers preferred her work over the rest, she put the wheels in motion and in December of 2001 began Béquet Confections. What started by traveling to local gourmet markets has developed into products being available in more than 1,000 stores nationwide. Today, Béquet Confections has plans to expand their Bozeman factory to produce more of their award winning caramels.

Roots Kitchen & Cannery

roots cellar jams based in Bozeman

I hope you’ve heard the satisfying pop of twisting open a fresh jar from Roots Kitchen & Cannery. What began as a simple booth at the farmers’ market in Jackson Hole, Wyoming offering pies and quiches has grown into a business offering canned goods of locally sourced fruits and produce with a canning facility here in Bozeman, Montana. For those still longing for pies and quiches, you can get them at the Jackson Hole Farmers’ Market on Saturdays (just be sure to make your order by 5pm Thursday). Roots Kitchen & Cannery is the example of doing things the right way and has been acknowledged by the Good Food Awards. The Good Food Awards were created to recognize foods of superior taste and quality while made in a socially and environmentally responsible way. From their line of pickles, like the curried carrot pickles and dill pickles, to their jams, every product has a distinct flavor sure to please the most discerning of palates. We love offering these canned goods sourced from local Montana farms and canned exclusively here in Bozeman!

Signs of the Mountains

Signs of the Mountains fishing access sign big hold river

Signs of the Mountains knows that your favorite put-in on the Yellowstone, the run with the best powder stashes, and the trailhead you’re boots hit the most often are as important a part of calling Montana home as whatever your address is. Whether you want to decorate your walls with a sign that brings you back to your best day on the river, that hike you shared with someone you love, or to create an original custom sign, this Bozeman company will take good care of you. From the poeticism of John Muir to the ski hill markers warning of hazards and high consequence terrain, there is a sign for everyone. The classic designs will fit in a living room, child’s bedroom, or to decorate your fishing cabin in the woods. Beyond their quality products, Signs of the Mountains has great customer service making them a joy to partner with.

These companies get it. They know why we love calling southwest Montana home. They know that having loyal customers is derived from their commitment to their craft. Hopefully they also know how important they are to everything we do at Montana Gift Corral.

Written by: Stephen McNeal

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