Stocking Stuffers for a Special Christmas Morning

One of my favorite things about Christmas morning is rushing downstairs to see my family’s stockings filled with all sorts of fun and thoughtful gifts. I can usually expect to find a good mix of seasonal necessities like chapstick and hand-lotion with a new pack of baseball cards, a couple clementines, some chocolates, and, always, a PEZ dispenser. My stocking is red with a stuffed snowman on the top; my sister has a stuffed santa stocking, and my brother’s is a stuffed Rudolph. After a few decades they’re in various states of disrepair, but will not and cannot be replaced.


I never really thought much about why we hang stockings. It’s one of those things that are just a given when you’re steeped in this culture and only really question when someone else mentions it as a bit odd. And it is, objectively, an odd thing--we hang these sock-like things that are both too big in the leg and too small in the foot to actually wear and fill them with toys and candy and fruit. If you put candy or fruit in any of my actual socks, they would be destined for the trash bin, certainly not my mouth. After some research, the tradition doesn’t have the firmest origin story. One consistent story I’ve found describes a poor widowed man with three daughters that fears, because of their meager means, they will never be married. As the story of this family on hard times reaches Saint Nicholas, he decides he must help, but knows the man will not accept any overt charity. Instead, Saint Nicholas slid down the families chimney at night and, upon seeing the girls’ stockings hung by the fire to dry, filled them with gold coins. This generosity allowed the girls were now eligible to be wed.

Whatever the origin of this tradition, it’s one that’s always brought me joy. I hope it’s a cherished part of your holidays, too. After carefully considering the great products we have at Montana Gift Corral, I’ve come up with five stocking stuffers that will make your Christmas morning special.

Bequet Assorted Caramels
Bequet Caramels

Every stocking needs a sweet treat and a bag of assorted caramels from award winning Bequet Confections is the perfect addition. These delicious morsels have been featured in Martha Stewart Living and on The Food Network and are made here at home in Bozeman, Montana. The assorted bag is the best way to figure out which caramels you like best. Once you’ve found your favorite trade around with your loved ones Christmas morning. 

Ornaments from Old World Christmas, Inner Beauty, and Jim Shore
Jim Shore Ornament

Another great tradition you can start with your stocking stuffing is putting a special ornament in everyone’s stocking. Once you’ve pulled out your ornament, add it to the tree and each year your decorating will be filled with great memories of Christmas’s past. We have so many special ornaments to choose from. Whether you’re looking for hand painted glass ornaments from Inner Beauty or Old World Christmas or the intricate resin pieces from Jim Shore we have something for every style and aesthetic.

Toys and Games
Montana Collage Playing Cards

Something fun, whether it’s a toy car, stuffed animal, or nifty gadget should be in every stocking no matter how old we get. I recommend an updated deck of playing cards. The Montana Collage Playing Cards capture amazing images of mountains and wildlife that make Montana a truly special place. My family loves a good card game and, after the excitement of opening presents and big meals has subsided, sitting down to a game of spades, hearts, or canasta is a relaxing way to spend time with those near and dear.

Sam Ferraro Jewelry
Sam Ferraro Elk

The best presents don’t need to go under the tree. If jewelry is on your gift giving list, slip it in their stocking to really surprise them. Sam Ferraro is a renowned wildlife jeweler and his beautiful work is made in Montana. These stunning earrings and necklaces will be a cherished addition to any collection. These pieces represent everything that makes Montana the treasure state. 

Lazy Ones Socks
Lazy Ones Socks

I’m not sure Christmas would be complete without socks. Also, what could be more fun than putting socks in a sock? Nothing. Lazy Ones has a bunch of fun socks to fit everyone’s personality.

We hope whatever makes its way into your stocking this year fills you with warmth and joy! Merry Christmas from all of us at the Montana Gift Corral!

Written by: Stephen McNeal

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