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The Traveling Trolls

Trolls are believed to still lurk throughout the wooded areas of Scandinavia to this day. Gnomes have been taking over Bozeman by storm as well, leaving history left and right. If you happen to be driving down Main Street and drive past Montana Gift Corral, or walk past the mall location, make sure to wave at all of the trolls and gnomes hanging in the window, waiting to say hello. Legends of trolls and gnomes originated from Norwegian Mythology, dating back to the age of the Vikings. As the Vikings moved south in their boats from what is now Norway, Sweden, and Finland; they brought with them traditions and stories that have now been spread and passed down from generation to generation. Here we are in 2019, and the legends still live on. 

Many of our recent blogs have touched on the season of gifting and decorating, so today is all about mixing the two, but with a little bit of fun. Today is all about the Christmas gnomes and how they made it to Bozeman; and more importantly how they can make it to your home this Christmas. 

They started their trip thousands of years ago in a town called Tromsø, Norway. They all lived in the hills above the town, but nobody knew who they were, so they were just referred to as the "Norwegian Trolls." These trolls were known for their love and helpful actions towards the town. The town grew and grew over the next 1800 years, and soon they were forced out of the hills, so together they felt the need for a grand trip. 

The group headed down to Oslo, Norway where they got their first taste of the big city. The year was 2018 and they heard that this place called "America" was stirring up the world. Together they bought an Economy ticket on Norwegian Air, and many connecting flights and states later, they ended up at Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport. One said, "well this isn't Florida..." and the other stated, "you're right... it's much, much better." 

As the Gnomes and Trolls headed out of the terminal, they made sure to make a pit stop for some local grub at the Copper Horse Restaurant at the Airport. They got a rental, and since it was Bozeman where they landed, it was a Subaru Forester! 

Luckily the group knew how to drive a manual car since they were from Norway. But they had one slight issue, they were a little smaller than the normal folks who were driving these cars. With a little teamwork, they made something work! 

As the group headed into town, they had a little trouble with the Forester. Unfortunately, the Gnomes and Trolls forgot to put a little gas in the car. As they got out to troubleshoot, they realized that the whole "mechanic" thing didn't set well with the group since none of them had fingers to work with. 

As the group sat and wondered what to do, they went into the closest store which was Montana Gift Corral! As they entered the building, they looked around and noticed that much of the store looked familiar... "God Jul!" one of the gnomes belted. This was Merry Christmas in Norwegian, and they knew they were right at home. They were looking at one of the best stores in town for any Christmas gift or decoration! 


The group settled up at their new stop, awaiting for the people of Bozeman and beyond to get these gnomes a new home. If you head to our Downtown Bozeman location or our location at the Gallatin Valley Mall, you'll be able to see all of the Gnomes and Trolls, and get one of your own! They're great decoration pieces and come with tons of Christmas Holiday history! Check out our selection of Christmas Gnomes and Trolls or stop on by and check out or 2019 Christmas display!

The group is loving the Treasure State... so go give them some true Montana love!



Written By: Chris Wood

~History of these trolls is a fictional depiction, and we hope you got a laugh! 


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