Wire Earrings by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company (13 Styles)


SKU: 75975


  • Made from Real Leaves
  • Unique, Nature-Inspired Designs
  • 13 Beautiful Earrings to Choose From
  • Professionally Coated in Fine Metals

Discover nature's beauty with these stunningly unique Wire Earrings from Rocky Mountain Leaf Company. Crafted from real leaves and professionally coated in fine metals, these 13 elegant nature-inspired designs bring a special touch of sophistication to any ensemble. With 13 stylish choices to choose from, these earrings are sure to add a spark of nature's beauty to your day.

Rocky Mountain Leaf Company is a company based in Golden, Colorado.  Which is very fitting because all of their stunning jewelry pieces shine bright! This innovative company strips leaves, cones, and acorns of their organic material, and then coats them in precious metals, ensuring that they are able to be treasured for a lifetime! 

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