Smoked Buffalo Snack Stix - 5 oz. by Chalet Market


SKU: 59974


  • Montana Made
  • Delicious smoky flavor
  • Good for travel snacking

As Montana as the Rocky Mountains, buffalo meat is a delicious, healthy alternative to beef. Packed with protein and other nutrients, it is extremely lean as well. However, not everyone can pick up buffalo or bison meat at their nearest supermarket. It can be hard to find and then you still have to cook it.

These Smoked Buffalo Snack Sticks are a yummy way to reap the benefits of eating buffalo without all the preparation. Made in Montana, these sticks provide a great salty snack when you're out hiking in the mountains or road tripping to Big Sky Country.

Smoked Buffalo Snack Sticks are just what you've been craving!


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