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List Pad by Lazy One (4 designs)


Brand: Lazy One
SKU: 49781
  • Each sheet is 11” x 4.25”
  • Fifty sheets of easy-to-tear paper
  • Cardboard backing with magnet

Life is tumultuous. Often times we overextend ourselves socially or otherwise simply because we can't keep track of all of the things life throws at us. Now with one of these List Pads by Lazy One, you can prioritize and record any pertinent information you see fit to facilitate your success in accomplishing the things you want to! Keep the numbers of loved ones and friends at your fingertips, or use it to keep a record of upcoming meetings. Complete with a magnet on the back, this is exactly what you need at the ready on your fridge when you're trying to figure out your grocery list. There are so many reasons to keep a list pad like this handy at all times.

Started by a humor-loving couple focused on breaking into the comical clothing market, Lazy One has grown to be a major name in cozy home-wear. From boxer shorts to PJs to slippers and more, Lazy One’s combination of comedy and comfort is as unique and wholesome as ever, and is available for every member of the family! Since their inception, they've branched out into fun accessories as well! So stock up on snicker-worthy slipper socks, funny family flap-jacks, or playful party pot-holders – all served up with a hearty dose of hilarity! Plus, get a little utility with a List Pad by Lazy One!