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Jane Shasky Hummingbirds Christmas Ornament by Inner Beauty


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  • 5" long and 2" in diameter
  • Comes with a decorative keepsake box
  • Hand-painted from the inside

Seeing an Inner Beauty Christmas ornament being painted from the inside is truly a sight to behold. The Jane Shasky Hummingbirds Christmas Ornament by Inner Beauty is no exception. What's great about this ornament is that it can be displayed beyond just the Christmas season because of its spring motif. Each ornament begins with mouth-blown glass. From there, skilled artists use a special set of bent brushes to actually apply the painting on the inside of the class. This follows the ancient Chinese painting traditions established years ago. Now, an ornament steeped in history and artistry can become part of your holiday collection.

Jane Shasky is a Washington based artist who loves painting with watercolors. She takes her biggest inspiration from the beauty of the Pacific Northwest: flowers, greenery, and birds are often the subjects of her work. Jane also enjoys photography and is influenced by her grandmothers' gardens and her own love of nature. She has partnered with Inner Beauty to bring her art into the homes of other bird and nature lovers like herself.  With vibrant colors and beautiful images, you're sure to fall easily in love with the Jane Shasky Hummingbirds Christmas Ornament by Inner Beauty.