Tiny Necklace by Badass Babe (4 colors)


SKU: 71751


  • Made in Montana
  • Hand-crafted
  • Nickel-free
  • Approx. .5" x .5"

     These beautiful Tiny Necklaces by Badass Babe are just what you need to look good while kicking butt. Made from brass that was gathered from shooting ranges, gun shows, fellow shooters, and even some hunting expeditions, the Tiny Necklaces by Badass Babe are all Montana. Not only do the Tiny Necklaces by Badass Babe look absolutely fantastic, but they are also small and lightweight, making them practical! You won't even notice the Tiny Necklace by Badass Babe as you go about your crazy day-to-day life, but it will stop a few others! The Tiny Necklace by Badass Babe has just enough sparkle and razzle-dazzle to catch the attention of anyone who looks your way!

    Badass Babe was founded on the belief that we are all multi-dimensional individuals. We’re caring, we’re nurturing, we’re rowdy, we’re badass. We are a little bit of everything all the time, and Badass Babe wants to let us show off all aspects of who we are. Badass Babe specializes in high-powered ammunition jewelry. Made from brass gathered from hunters, shooters, and shows the Badass Babe line is all Montana, all the time.