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Bat Guano Chocolate Covered Peanuts by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 49147


  • 4 oz
  • Made in Montana
  • Fresh roasted peanuts dipped in chcolate

No trip to the Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park is complete without a fun souvenir. What's better than one you can eat? And, what's better that joking with the kids about eating bat guano? Ewwww! 

The Bat Guano Chocolate Covered Peanuts by Huckleberry Haven will get you screams of joy instead of screams of disgust. These bag of fresh roasted peanuts is hand-dipped in fine milk chocolate for your snacking pleasure. Plus, the packaging is a hoot! Or maybe, a screech? In either case, the kids will be laughing all the way home as they munch on their bat guano. If you're giving this to someone who couldn't make the trip to Montana, it's sure to give them quite the surpirse!

Huckleberry Haven is a Montana-based company with a longstanding reputation for producing some of the best food and snacks Montana has to offer. Specializing in huckleberry food, the Bat Guano Chocolate Covered Peanuts are a welcome addition to their traditional offerings. Enjoy Bat Guano with your family today and think of all the memories you made at Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park!