Stardust Sherpa Throw Blanket


Brand: Carstens
SKU: 73221


  • By Carstens
  • Approx. 54" x 68"

      Lively, bright, and uplifting the Stardust Sherpa Throw Blanket looks more like a tapestry than a blanket! The Stardust Sherpa Throw Blanket is a beautiful throw blanket that is incredibly soft and perfect for snuggling up with. But what sets the Stardust Sherpa Throw Blanket apart from the rest of the blankets you have is it's wonderful pattern. The Stardust Sherpa Throw Blanket has a beautiful swirl of colors and shapes that captures the eye with ease. Soft pastels and icy blues and lavenders decorate the background of the Stardust Sherpa Throw Blanket in a style reminiscent of a kaleidoscope. Cheerful yellows and bold reds appear on the swirling patterns that are more forward, giving the Stardust Sherpa Throw Blanket a surprising depth. Simply gazing at the Stardust Sherpa Throw Blanket will remind you of childhood days playing in the sun or making fun patterns out of the world around you.