4" Bear Natural Leather & Wool Toy by Tall Tails


Brand: Tall Tails
SKU: 73068
  • 4"
  • All Natural
  • Leather and Wool Construction

If you go out in the woods today, you're going to get a surprise... from this toy of course! Your dog is going to love the heck out of you once you get this toy for the little furry boy or girl. With a little piece to put their paw, they'll have no problem securing the toy for a little fun! Get yours today and watch the joy flow through your furry friend!

Tall Tails is the best option in making your furry friends happy! From starting out in 1933 making comfortable beds for the pup, Tall Tails has been making dogs lives better for way over half a century. See the quality for yourself, and treat your dog today!