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Waiting Table Top Lit Art by Oak Street Wholesale


SKU: 76889


  • Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Stand attached to back for display
  • 6" x 8"

What's cuter than dogs? DOGS IN HATS OF COURSE! These little dogs are all bundled up for winter weather appreciating the stars in the sky! The Waiting Table Top Lit Art by Oak Street Wholesale may depict some cold weather, but it sure does warm up our hearts! Another thing that we love about winter is how bright and clear the night sky becomes, so much so that you can see every star! Prop this wonderful picture anywhere in the house or hang it up! All hanging capabilities are on the back so set up couldn't be easier! 

This is just one of those pictures that warms your heart. From the distinct lighting of the stars to the line of bundles puppies, this wall decor is just sure to make you smile. It just makes you want to walk in the snow and pet these happy fur friends! As an Oak Street Wholesale piece, you know you're getting something really special. This family-owned business takes time and care to pick the finest home decor items to help you create intimate displays where you live. So snuggle in and smile when you look at the Waiting Table Top Lit Art by Oak Street Wholesale!