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Elk Oval Capitol Chest Set by Heritage Metalworks


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  • Made in the USA
  • Decanter holds 24 oz
  • Each glass holds 14 oz

Add some suave, debonair style to your sipping with the Elk Oval Capitol Chest Set by Heritage Metalworks. Since 1988, Heritage Metalworks has been a leader in crafting unique and interesting pewter pieces. Anything from golf clubs to barware, Heritage Metalworks does it well. They use pewter, which is a mixture of tin, lead, antimony, bismuth, copper, and/or silver. Fine pewter contains 92% tin and no lead but uses antimony and bismuth for strength. All Heritage Metalworks items don't contain lead because that is important if the item is to contain some sort of food or drink. When you're sipping dandy from these glasses, you can be sure you're getting the best of the best! 

Whether your pride and joy is your home bar or you know someone who revels in fine glassware, this set is the whole kit and caboodle. Each of the four glasses is finished with a majestic elk medallion that gives your drinkware a refined look. The decanter itself has the full elk on it as well as a different version on the stopper. Plus, give your bar some fun pirate vibes with this awesome wood chest. It, too, carries the elk motif through with a beautiful pewter emblem on the front. Complete with two clasps and a little handle on the front, the Elk Oval Capitol Chest Set is just what the bar connoisseur in your life needs!