Gold Terrestrial and Dark Blue Ocean MOVA Globe


SKU: 79834


  • MOVA Globe Earth
  • Turns Using Ambient Light
  • 6" Diameter

The world is truly a beautiful place. From the dramatic peaks of Montana to the dense rainforests of The Amazon, there is no shortage of wonderful locations scattered across our globe. Though it may be impossible to visit every location in our vast world, you can pick up the Gold Terrestrial and Dark Blue Ocean MOVA Globe as a sentimental reminder of your ever-growing wanderlust. Measuring 6" in diameter, this metallic MOVA Globe turns using ambient light and is sure to be a conversation piece in your space!

MOVA Globes are a fan favorite here at Montana Gift Corral. Featuring a variety of designs, this company has perfected the art of world globes. These globes feature a flawless rotation that is free of batteries and messy cords. In fact, all you need to make these unique accents spin is ambient natural or artificial light! As MOVA puts it, "Each piece is assembled with such precision, it appears the inner and outer layers are one – rotating without any outside power source."