Supersized Hand Warmies by Intelex USA (6 Styles)


SKU: 77119


  • About 16" tall
  • Scented with French Lavender
  • Heat or cool removable pack

Meet the stuffed animal with a little extra cozy! These Supersized Hand Warmies by Intelex USA couldn't get much cuter if they tried! Just by themselves, these pudgy critters are absolutely adorable! They are made from super soft plush and just so much fun to squeeze. Weighing in at about 1 1/2 pounds, this Warmy definitely makes the best snuggle buddy! Sure they are for kids, but we wouldn't hold it against you if you bought one for yourself, too! 

As an added bonus, all of these Warmies come with a removable heat pack. If your little one is feeling sick, take out the pack and pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Pop the pack back in the cuddle buddy and you have an instantly extra snuggly stuffed animal for your kids. Or, if it's a fever that's the problem, chill the pack in the freezer to help them cool down. Combined with that fresh lavender scent, and this is all about comfort! So snuggle up and enjoy any one of these Supersized Hand Warmies by Intelex USA!