Get Lost in Montana Sticker by Quipet


Brand: Quipet
SKU: 72206


  • Measures 5" by 3.13"
  • Vinyl cut-out
  • Made in Bozeman, Montana

Quipet of Bozeman, Montana has one tagline: create works of wit. This Get Lost Sticker by Quipet is the perfect memento from Montana. These sturdy stickers are all designed and made in Bozeman, Montana, which makes it extra cool.   If you love visiting or living in Montana, you'll want to display that love with a sticker. From laptops to water bottles to the back of your car, stick it anywhere you like!

Quipet knows how neat Montana is, which is why it's important to have the best Montana swag. This classic sticker embodies the design of a state campaign that encouraged people to get outdoors and enjoy all that Montana has to offer. Because you know, some people don't want to be found. With that philosophy, you're sure to see so many beautiful things while you're out exploring this state. So, capture those memories in the Get Lost in Montana Sticker by Quipet.