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Persis Clayton Weirs Look What We Found Christmas Ornament by Inner Beauty


SKU: 74442

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  • Hand Crafted
  • Reverse-Painting Technique
  • Specialty Storage Box Included

The holiday season is about coming together and having a memorable time and well, this doesn't pertain to only you and I, it goes for our animals as well. The horses and livestock in the Montana area love the holiday season since it's their time to prance in the snow and enjoy the landscape in which they live. In the case of these two studs, they're having a bit of fun with the decoration they found. If you love horses or western memorabilia, this ornament is perfect for you and your tree! 

Inner Beauty creates some of the most artistically intricate and beautiful ornaments available! Using a reverse-painting technique in which the ornament is painted using specialty brushes from the inside of the ornament, you'll never have to worry about the artwork blemishing or becoming faded since it is all concealed within the ornament itself. Each layer of the painting is done in reverse, meaning the talent and patience that is performed with each ornament is awe-inspiring! Introduce an Inner Beauty ornament to your tree this holiday season and watch your decor come together.