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Huckleberry Votive Gift Pack by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 27270


  • Made in Montana
  • Hand-poured
  • 16-hour burn per candle

Who doesn't want their entire house or office to smell of Montana huckleberries? This Huckleberry Votive Gift Pack was made by Huckleberry Haven, a Montana-based company, with the wild berries that grow in the Rocky Mountains. They are all hand-picked making the berries a highly prized Montana food. In the fall, they also become a favorite food of the bear population. Each pack of these Montana hand-crafted candles contains 3 votives of delicious-smelling huckleberry heaven. These would make a great addition to a table setting for a party or a wonderful addition to a relaxing, invigorating bath. Really whenever you can get huckleberries involved, it's a good thing.

Huckleberry Haven is a company with deep roots in Montana. Having been in the industry since 1987, they are some of the foremost huckleberry experts in the state. While their classic staples are yummy huckleberry foods, using the scent of that coveted berry has also served them well in making home goods like these lovely candles. Their facility is located in the heart of huckleberry country in the shadow of Glacier National Park, so it's safe to say they live and breathe huckleberry. Give this Montana-made product to a friend or family member. Enjoy the wonderful aroma of huckleberries while you soothe your senses!