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Huckleberry Jam - 3 oz. Jar Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 43210

Gourmet Food Category: Add a little wild flavor to your favorite Toppings with one of our unique selections of Jelly Jam. The 3 oz. Huckleberry Jam is a little fruity treat from Huckleberry Haven. This company is located just outside of Glacier National Park where they have been specializing in the robust flavor of huckleberry products since 1987. Each berry grows completely unattended in the wild and must be handpicked every summer. As their best selling item, you cannot pass up the opportunity to try this jam. It is rich and savory, making the perfect addition to toast or English muffins and also make for a great way to jazz up the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It comes in a decorative jar with all the information about the company and the berry because once your friends try our Jelly Jam Toppings, they are going to want to know all about them!