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Rasy-Huck Jam - 11 oz Jar by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 17505

There's nothing quite like the taste of fresh berries. Their sweetness and tartness warmed by the sun, pulling them off the bush and popping them in your mouth, letting the flavor envelop all your taste buds. Unfortunately, you can't get hand-picked berries every day of the year. Rasy-Huck Jam is the next best thing! Rasy-Huck is a unique blend of mouth-watering raspberries and deep, rich huckleberries from the wild mountain meadows of Montana. All berries are hand-picked and expertly blended by the people of Huckleberry Haven, nestled in the mountains near Glacier National Park. Slather a bit of Rasy-Huck Jam on your toast and be instantly whisked away to Big Sky Country with a taste of Montana food unlike any other.

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