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Grey Artisan Book by Sugarboo and Co.


SKU: 78153
  • 50 pages
  • Measures 11" x 15.5"
  • Crafted with handmade paper!

If you do not yet have a journal, take our word for it when we say that you totally need one! Journals put you on the fast track to achieving your goals, tracking your growth, gaining-self confidence, and even helping reduce stress and anxiety! Sound like something you could get used to? Pick up the Grey Artisan Book by Sugarboo and Co! This beautifully designed journal features 50 handmade pages, perfect for jotting down any info you really don't want to forget! Measuring 11" x 15.5" you will always have room for your grocery lists, to-do lists, or even poems or creative writing entries!

Rebecca Puig, the artist behind Sugarboo & Co, is passionate about putting good things into the world. She is committed to providing art that is both meaningful and heartfelt while making you remember fond memories of your loved ones. As she puts it, "we believe in being great and full, but mostly grateful". How sweet!

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