Mini Lip Repair by Mangiacotti


SKU: 73125


  • Includes 3 mini tubs
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Made in the USA

Dry, cracked lips are no joke and you'll get serious moisturizing from the Mini Lip Repair by Mangiacotti. Great as a gift for someone or just a little comfort for yourself, these ingredients are sure to keep you hydrated during the worst weather conditions. From hot, dry, dusty summer work to those cold winters when your lips can take a beating from being out in the elements, these organic ingredients are the only way to go when you're looking for deep nourishment. The best part, these little minis allow you to try this lip repair in small doses and easily fit in your pocket if you're on the go.

Mangiacotti is a company that believes deeply in two things: creating quality products that are kind to Mother Earth and building a company that allows us to see the good in other people. In fact, their See the Good Project helps bring together organizations who are like-minded, who believe in their communities and the people who live there. All made in the USA, you'll take heart in purchasing this lip repair because of all the good they do. So fall in love with the Mini Lip Repair by Mangiacotti.