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Diamond & Copper Montana 9MM Necklace by Bad Ass Babe


SKU: 71763
  • Made in Montana
  • Real Copper

Wear your state pride in style with the help of Bad Ass Babe! Copper runs through our blood, so wear history and craftsmanship, all within your necklace! This is a perfect gift for your special someone, or for yourself! Grab one today from Montana Gift Corral.

Badass Babe was founded on the belief that we are all multi-dimensional individuals. We’re caring, we’re nurturing, we’re rowdy, we’re badass. We are a little bit of everything all the time, and Badass Babe wants to let us show off all aspects of who we are. Badass Babe specializes in high-powered ammunition jewelry. Made from brass gathered from hunters, shooters, and shows the Badass Babe line is all Montana, all the time.