Moose in the Woods Stainless Steel Necklace by Feifish


Brand: Feifish
SKU: 74347


  • Stainless Steel Pendant Size: 2" inches wide
  • Stainless Steel Necklace Length: 16" inches + 2"inches
  • Made in USA

Get cozy with this steel pendant necklace. Featuring a Moose in the Woods, this stainless steel necklace by Feifish is perfect for anyone who loves to wear nature inspired jewelry. This moose necklace is made of 2mm stainless steel, making the necklace super lightweight and durable. Handmade in the USA, this stainless steel necklace has intricate detail in the metal cutting, creating a beautifully designed forest scene that would make any moose happy!

Feifish creates beautifully designed necklace out of high-quality material and they are all handmade right here in the USA. They are nature inspired in design and they are perfect for anyone who loves to add cozy touches to their outfit. When you wear jewelry that highlights your passions, your style becomes that much more you! So check out our Feifish line and see what other necklaces may catch your fancy!