Skier in the Woods Stainless Steel Necklace by Feifish


Brand: Feifish
SKU: 74349


  • 16" chain with a 2" pendant
  • Lobster claw closure
  • Made from 2 mm stainless steel

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find skier jewelry that really connects with your style. With this Skier in the Woods Stainless Steel Necklace by Feifish, you can wear this during any time of the year and highlight just how much you love to ski. If you love skiing, you know that it's more than just a winter sport. It's a lifestyle. And you want that deep passion for deep powder to ooze from every part of you, including your jewelry choices! Handcrafted in Glen Falls, New York, this beautiful steel pendant is handcrafted by their skilled jewelry makers and because it's made from steel, it's such a low-maintenance piece. You don't have to worry about tarnishing, staining, or other wear and tear. This beautiful piece should last through many seasons on the mountain.

All of our Feifish pieces are crafted in the shadows of the Adirondack Mountains. While we have a deep love of the mountains of Montana, we can appreciate the beautiful inspiration that can come from that stunning setting as well. They believe in making jewelry that really connects with the experiences of people. Thinking of bobbing and weaving down the ski hill, you can see that movement and effortlessness captured in this beautiful steel pendant. Each piece of jewelry starts as an illustration, which is then used to laser cut the steel. All Feifish's jewelry is also hypoallergenic. It's time to hit the slopes in style with this Skier in the Woods Stainless Steel Necklace by Feifish.