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Divine Inspired Spice by Camino Spice


SKU: 71320


  • 2 oz. (57 grams)
  • Made in Montana

The hardest part of cooking is trying to find the perfect blend of spices and herbs. Sometimes you don't add enough cumin, and then sometimes you add way too much. Well with the new Divine Inspired Spice by Camino Spice you won't have to worry about that anymore! Made with the perfect blend of cinnamon, ginger, clove and more the Divine Inspired Spice goes great on anything!

Want something a bit more spicy? Divine Inspired Spice has cayenne and curry in it to give your food that extra kick! Want something on the more mild side? The Not So Spicy Divine Inspired Spice is just as delicious but better suited for more delicate tastes!

Camino Spice is the creation of Sasha Woods, an outdoor enthusiast who says the mix for Divine Inspired Spice was divinely inspired. One cold spring day when Sasha was feeling ill and achy. Desperate for some food she aimlessly gathered spices for some garlic cloves she was sauteeing. And something inside her told her to write down everything she did, and its a good thing she did! Named after the Camino de Santiago, Camino Spice is excited to take you on a fantastic flavor journey. 

Buen Camino!