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Montana Collage Patch by The Hamilton Group


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  • Features Montana-inspired designs
  • Measures approx. 3 1/4" long and 2" wide
  • Sewn patch

Introducing the Montana Collage Patch by The Hamilton Group, the perfect patch to add to your collection of travel memorabilia. Framed in a vivid gold stitching, the swirling pink sunset background is complemented by images of majestic mountains, beautiful waterfalls so emblematic of Montana, grand buffalo, intense bears, and shaggy mountain goats. It is the perfect way to show all the things you loved about your trip to the Treasure State in one simple item. Add this to your favorite vest, jacket or other article of clothing as one of our great Montana souvenirs. You will not be disappointed with the look and feel of this neat patch.

This souvenir patch is from The Hamilton Group collection. Known as souvenir experts in the Northwest for over 60 years, we love to provide our customers with unique trinkets and collectibles from The Hamilton Group. They are a family-owned and managed operation based out of Montana, so you can imagine how much influence they've had over the Montana travel industry. They provide a unique range of souvenirs that are branded with Montana, so you can always remember your trip here. Start a collection with this Montana Collage Patch by The Hamilton Group!