Wild Pearle Butterfly Keychain by A.T. Storrs


SKU: 72865
  • Real Wild Pearle
  • Key Ring + Quick Release Holder
  • Vancouver Based 

Butterflies are amazing creatures! They taste with their feet, have an only-liquid diet, and their wings come in a wide range of beautiful colors! Unfortunately, humans don't have wings but rather vehicles. These vehicles require keys. We use these keys to drive to the grocery store and keep ourselves fed and on diet! Though this isn't a true Butterfly, this very keychain will help you live your life somewhat like these majestic creatures! Organize your keys, and get on with life with the help of this beautiful piece from AT Storrs. 

AT Storrs creates beautiful jewelry just north of the PNW in Vancouver, British Columbia. Many pieces from AT Storrs use Wild Pearle for beauty. Wild Pearle is a bi-product from the coastal fishing industry, ultimately cutting back on fishing waste while creating fashionable pieces that are suitable for any occasion. The best part of it all is you can wear these perfect accent pieces without breaking the bank! Get your new favorite piece of jewelry today with the help of AT Storrs brought to you from Montana Gift Corral!