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Jewel Hummingbird Wall Art by Dean Crouser


SKU: 65794


  • Dimensions: 30"W by 20"H
  • Materials: canvas, wood composite, wood, brass
  • Hanger style: sawtooth

The hummingbird is a mysterious creature whose astounding traits are unique and fascinating. For example, their heartbeat during the day is over 1,000 beats per minute! Furthermore, they can hover in place and fly forwards at 35 miles per hour. Also, they can live up to a decade, which is much longer than any other animal with a similar metabolism rate. Indeed, the hummingbird is a beautiful and amazing creature that deserves a spot on your wall.

Thanks to Dean Crouser, now you can bestow that honor with his bright and vibrant watercolor. Its large size and pure white background make for an ideal wall centerpiece, sure to draw compliments from relatives and neighbors alike.

Produced by Big Sky Carvers, this Jew Hummingbird Wall Art is a great finish to your "Montana modern" lodge.