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Pendant Two Tone Mountain Disc Necklace with Chain by Nature Cast Metalworks


SKU: 69766


  • 18" inch chain
  • Made in Montana
  • Beautiful nature-inspired jewelry

Do you love the mountains? Do you love beautiful jewelry? Then we can't wait for you to fall in love with the Pendant Two Tone Mountain Disc with Chain Necklace by Nature Cast Metalworks. The chain is simple and understated, but the disc itself is a gorgeous black and gold representation of a Montana mountainscape. In the black outline, you'll see the jagged mountains in the background flanked by a group of trees. Near the bottom, there are rolling plains and a little bit of a river. you can almost imagine driving over a dirt road and coming upon this beautiful scene in the distance. 

Nature Cast Metalworks is a jewelry maker based out of Great Falls, Montana. It began as a hobby and passion of three friends. As hiking buddies and lovers of nature, they wanted to create beautiful pieces that represented the places they loved to explore in our state. Well, it turns out they aren't the only ones who like Montana-themed jewelry! Their pieces spoke to a lot of outdoor enthusiasts and they have been able to produce gorgeous jewelry since 1997! We're proud to carry Montana-made jewelry from people who value Big Sky Country just as much as we do! So, so your love of Montana with this Pendant Two Tone Mountain Disc Necklace by Nature Cast Metalworks!