Wild Pearle Triple Drop Necklace by A.T.Storrs


SKU: 77709


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Complete with lined gift box
  • Made in Canada

There is a good reason why the Wild Pearle jewelry series by A.T. Storrs is so popular. People are universally drawn to the gorgeous kaleidoscope of colors found within the shell of an abalone.  There is a style and design for everyone. The essence of the Wild Pearle Triple Drop Necklace is sure to resonate with current fans of A.T. Storrs and newcomers to their prolific selection of striking jewelry. 

A.T. Storrs is dedicated to keeping your memories alive forever. Their company started in an apartment in 1975, they have since flourished! They now occupy a 25,000 square foot facility with a team of over forty people. A.T. Storrs is also known for being an environmentally conscious company. They have put major consideration in for their facility's location, plastic waste, and energy efficiency, making A.T. Storrs  a virtuous jeweler! 

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