Alpine Copper Mine Bracelet by Montana Leather Designs


SKU: 80424


  • Made in Montana
  • Magnetic Clasp
  • 8" outstretched

Stunning Montana-made jewelry can be hard to come by. Lucky for you, Montana Gift Corral has your back! Made with genuine leather, the Alpine Copper Mine Bracelet is handcrafted in Stevensville, MT and features a stunning center copper enameled bead. To make this bead , glass powder is fused to a copper bead with a torch, which creates a gorgeous speckling effect! Isn't that cool?

The artist behind Montana Leather Designs, Olive Parker, loves combining leather with various mediums! As she searches for new ways to represent the western woman’s perspective using unique techniques and materials to produce one of a kind keepsakes. The iridescent colors of the handmade beadings and the marriage of leather to sterling silver, gold and gemstones is a stunning representation of Montana. 

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