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Be*Bag by Demdaco (5 Variants)


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 69769


  • Synthetic Leather
  • Approx. 9" x 5"
  • 2 Pockets, card slots
  • Adjustable straps

     The beautiful Be*Bag by Demdaco is a wonderful accessory for anyone and everyone! The Be*Bag by Demdaco is designed to encourage people to be unique and true to themselves! The Be*Bag by Demdaco comes in multiple colors, each with a unique design on the front. The Cream Be*Bag by Demdaco with a wrist strap looks classy and elegant, perfect for the ladies who carry themselves with an air of royalty. While the Metallic Grey Be*Bag by Demdaco with a shoulder strap gives an edgy feel to any look, the perfect accessory for the girls with a dangerous smirk and eyes like knives! Whatever your style, remember to always just be, with the Be*Bag by Demdaco!

     Demdaco was founded with the goal to sell gifts that "lift the soul." Whether it's in times of celebration, condolence, or to simply see someone smile the gifts from Demdaco are sure to do the trick. Demdaco was founded more than twenty years ago in Leawood, Kansas by Demi and Dave Kiersznowski. Demi and Dave Kiersznowski founded Demdaco with the belief that business isn't a financial endeavor by a human one.