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Bear with Paw Burl Mini Skinner with Sheath by Buffalo Knives


SKU: 78288


  • Knife Length: 2.25" inches 
  • Handle Length: 3" inches
  • Features Sterling Silver Inlay, Made in Montana

Have you ever tried to skin your game with a dull knife? Well, if you have, you know how impossible it is. That is why having a very sharp knife is key to skinning your game. The Bear with Paw Burl Mini Skinner with Sheath by Buffalo Knives is an excellent knife for skinning - it's sharp and precise blade and short handle length allow for exact cutting, perfect for your next big hunting trip. Additionally, this knife comes with a handmade sheath that clasps tightly around the blade, providing extra protection and an easy carrying clasp on the back. 

Buffalo Knives has been creating custom knives since 2005. They are known for crafting high-quality knives with unique designs featuring their customized, silver inlay design. The Bear with Par Burl Mini Skinner Knife features a silver inlay of a bear on the handle which was designed and inlayed here in Montana. The sheath is handmade and crafted in Utah by a local saddle maker. Buffalo Knives makes distinguished product that will exceed your expectations.