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Church with Lamp Table Top Lit Wall Art by Oak Street Wholesale


SKU: 76881


  • Measures 8" by 6"
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Stays lit for 6 hours/Switches off for 18 hours

When you're decorating your home with unique Christmas decor, you must include the Church with Lamp Table Top Lit Wall Art by Oak Street Wholesale! This is such a fun and interesting way to add Christmas beauty to your home. Plus, this lightweight and durable wall art will last for years to come, making it a fun tradition to put up each year when decorating for the holidays. This canvas-wrapped image is vibrant, with the colors and the detail of the picture standing out even when the print isn't lit up! But when you do turn the lights on, that's when the magic really happens! 

When you flip the switch, you're instantly transported to a quaint country church scene. The lamp lights the way and the lit stained glass window is warm and inviting. The Christmas tree also glows with beautiful string lights that change color as time goes on! Set this lit art up on and end-table or on a mantle to complete your beautiful Christmas displays. The Church with Lamp Table TOp Lit Wall Art by Oak Street Wholesale will brighten up the holidays in your home!