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Elk Browning Lock Back Folding Knife by Buffalo Knives


SKU: 78289


  • Knife Length: 3" inches
  • Handle Length: 4" inches
  • Lock Back Locking Mechanism

The Elk Browning Lock Back Folding Knife by Buffalo Knives is a great gift for anyone who wants to be prepared. This knife is light weight and easy to use, making it a great knife to have on hand when needed. It also has a beautiful design, featuring a silver inlay of an elk in the wooden handle. Let this beautiful knife into your life and watch how prepared you will be the next time something needs cutting. You never know when life will get you in a bind.

Since 2005, Buffalo Knives has been hand-making knives in the United States with a deep appreciation of heritage and a strong sense of quality. The inlay in the handle is designed by artist John Wojcik who lives in Montana. With a background in engineering, he was introduced to the art of inlay and put his own unique spin on the process, often being inspired by the outdoors to create art. The rest of the knife work is handled in Utah with the same craft and care as the inlays. This makes such a beautiful gift for the outdoorsman in your life, or perhaps it's time for you to upgrade that trusty knife you've had for way too long. Nothing beats the quality of something made in the USA, and that is so true when it comes to Buffalo Knives.