Northern Hawk Owl Card by Claire Emery Art


SKU: 80298


  • Vibrant Color
  • Durable paper

These cards by Clair Emery are nothing but stunning! She has this way of capturing these birds that make them look realistic and dreamy at the same time. This is the perfect card for you to send as a gift to a friend or family member with a message inside or just for them to hang on their fridge. You could even frame the card or hang it up on your wall if you would like!

Claire Emery is a wonderful artist. Self taught from day one, she has been drawing and creating for years and years. She is phenomenal at it too, she does more than just drawings as well, she also wood carves from her field sketches she gathers. We at the Montana Gift Corral are huge fans of her work and we love to carry her art in our stores and on our website too. We value her dedication to the craft and want to support her as much as we can!