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Pig Lung Chips by Blue Dog Provisions


SKU: 71884


  • Handcrafted Dog Treat
  • 3 ounces of Pig Lung Chips
  • Made in Montana

Change up the treat routine for your pup with these pig lung chips from Blue Dog Provisions. These chips are great for training and teaching everything from sit to fetching the paper. No additives, grains, wheat, or soy, these treats are simple, delicious, and a great source of protein to keep your dog happy and strong.

Blue Dog Provisions is owned and operated by Lori, a local butcher in Big Timber, Montana. All of Blue Dog Provisions are handcrafted from 100% Montana sourced offal (those parts of an animal which are used as food but which are not skeletal muscle). Show fido some love and grab a bag today!