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Vintage Fox Ornament by Old World Christmas


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  •  1.5" X 2" X 4.25"
  • hand blown glass
  • hand-painted

Wouldn't it be a wonderful little surprise to find this sly little guy in your Christmas tree? The Vintage Fox Ornament by Old World Christmas is made from blown glass and decorated to replicate the mercury finish of traditional Victorian ornaments. Complete with an actual fluffy tail, you will think this guy is real. Through rustic charm and simple beauty, these pieces invite the seasonal spirit of the natural world into your home! How great!

Did you know that foxes act more like cats rather than dogs? That is probably why they love being in your Christmas tree! Thanks to Old World Christmas, you can get this fun little fox and all of his forest friends to complete the forest look of your tree! Old World Christmas is passionate about bringing back the traditional method of mouth-blowing their distinct ornaments.

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